Our miracles

Dear Graziano,

A few weeks ago while I was walking down the street, I was thinking about something I would like, that is theoretically possible, but actually not “realistic” to happen. While I was walking, an exercise from the DSM class came to my mind. I couldn’t remember everything, but I just new what the point was… And I did it while I was walking… Not exactly as it was because I couldn’t remember everything, but let’s say it was my version. And a miracle happened the same day! Even better than I was looking for!

When I came home, I found my notes from the DSM class in Belgrade, looking carefully at the exercises and started doing “my miracle” exercise every day.. and some other exercises, dealing with “my monsters” 🙂

Now, almost every day I testify my miracles 🙂

Thank you! Thank you for you! Thank you for DSM 🙂


My rules

Dear Graziano, Big Thank You! As I am pretty much familiar with your work, we proceeded with the next “Master Your Space” […]