DSM Session

Embrace Your Nature (the first session)

This session is designed to inspire you to discover your true nature. When you bring your nature in this matter reality, you thrive. You and everything you do is a contribution to you and to everyone else.

When you were born and even while you were in your mother’s belly, you became a part of many systems that are run by different rules, like family rules, society rules, world laws and many others. Many rules are different around the world. For some of them you feel “that’s me, smells like me, I love it”, for those that are aligned with your nature. But some of them are not.

When we embrace our whole being, when we become aware of our personal configuration, it is easier for us to choose systems and spaces that are aligned with our nature, or to easily say “no” to the systems that “don’t work for us”. Also, for things we feel that “don’t work for us”, but are still present in our lives, when we are aware of our personal configuration, we don’t have charge regarding them anymore and we become free to choose something different.

Why do I say discover your true nature? By becoming aware of your personal configuration, meeting and discovering other systems helps you to discover parts of you and to use your potential to yours and everyone advantage. And, life becomes an interesting and pleasant journey.

Master Your Space (on a chosen topic) 

If you would like to go deeper with discovering and transforming any space in your life, after the Embrace Your Nature session, you are welcome to choose this session for any topic you are interested in or an area in your life you would like to change and transform.

All exercises that will be suggested for you to practice are developed by the following DSM methodology ( I would add link on yesterday’s DSM text). It is not unusual, during your the session, to design new exercises for You, tailored just for YOU 🙂


Graziano Dominici