Being transparent

It is not unusual that we, in order to introduce ourselves, determine ourselves with some labels like “I am a daughter…”, “I am a son…”, “I am a doctor…”, “I work for…” And, by introducing ourselves in this way we are, at that moment, actually parts of the system that is associated with the label we use. And those systems can be defined by rules and some judgments – what is “good” and what is ”bad” depending on your role as part of the appropriate system.

If you are a student and you can take the exam at the end of the classes or after the summer holiday, what would you choose? It is almost a rule that it is easier to pass the exam just after the classes, rather than few months later when much more is expected from the student, since he had more time to prepare for the exam. Who is a better student? The one who passed the exam that is “easier” to take just after the classes, or the one who studied for the exam 2 months longer?

What if you are brilliant whatever you do that is aligned with your nature?

Did it happen to you that you are asked to “Be a person!” or “You should have a personality! A strong personality!”

This time I would like to invite you to think about you, about yourself in a different way. What if you are not your history? What if you could just get your essence, your nature for what you are now?

The exercise I would like to introduce now is “Be totally transparent!” Be like a glass.

An example of being transparent is not to accept and not to refuse any judgment, just be without a point of view. What does it mean?

When you don’t like something and even when you like something so much, just breathe without a point of view or breathe and look at that from many different points of view… Or breathe and don’t react for some time… Be like a glass and let everything that happens pass through you instead of absorbing it.

Please try to be transparent now. And, how do you feel? Do you feel better? Maybe at the beginning you feel a little bit “dizzy”. And the more you are transparent the less you can define yourself.

It is funny because the more you are transparent, you may think that you lose yourself, but the more everything is getting “sharper”, the more clarity you gain. When you are transparent it seems that you are in a bubble of awareness. While you are aware of pretty much everything around you, at the same time it does not take all your attention. You are an observer and at the same time a participant, and are able to change the rules, to transform them, or just to be aware what works and what doesn’t work for you.

So, be more transparent! I know, practicing this, many people feel more enthusiastic. At the beginning, some people feel lost, but it is not a problem because sometimes it needs a little practice.

Basically, if you are getting transparent, somehow you are “losing” yourself, your “history”, and “your personality”. I am inviting you to be transparent not because I want you to lose yourself, but actually I want you not to avoid any part of your being. Because, if you are watching from a perspective, even if it is a great perspective, somehow you avoid, you cut off some parts of you.

So, how do you feel getting transparent?


Graziano Dominici

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