Follow your knowing

By “following our knowing”, we want to do what is “better” for us and everyone else, to be aligned with our true nature, with our resonance. But, it is not unusual that we confuse “knowing” with what is or to presume and even judge that what we had already done is “wrong”… Or to conclude “yes I am following my knowing so I will do the best or I will do the right.”

Actually, when you are following your knowing you are doing what is best for you at that moment; comparing the situation with your knowledge, your knowing, your skills and awareness in that moment. Otherwise, even following your knowing, you would do something different.

What I mean is basically that you cannot do anything “wrong”. If you start to reflect the big picture: doing good and doing right doesn’t mean that that is always the “best” at that particular moment – it could be the best when you get the big picture.

Let’s say that you are looking for a job. So, you found something that others consider “nothing special”: not a “dream” job or not “good enough” for you; but you feel that you would like to go there and you would like that change.  By following your list of what pleases you and what you would like your job to be, even it is not “well” paid, you will have the opportunity to do what you like. And if others tell you “don’t go for it, it is not good enough…” but you feel that it will contribute in some way to you and your life and that you would like to be there, go for it! You can use it as a trampoline. There are many people who are very happy with their current jobs but started as volunteers doing what they like.

So, what if somehow, your inner knowing was proposing you a little diversion from what your plan was, but not separate from the big picture, a plan that you already had. What if taking five minutes more, or a few years more, would give you something unexpected, let’s say a great view. Or making a friend or even just being aware that next time you are going to pay more attention.

So, what I am convinced about is that you cannot do anything “wrong” but you can feel wrong… So, if you are feeling wrong, it doesn’t matter if you are doing “right” or “wrong” – what matters is that you are not having pleasure, you are not having fun. Maybe you are blaming someone else or feeling pitiful. That is not acceptable.

If you do something “wrong” but you have a resilient attitude – “I will do something different” and ask: “Where is the gift?” You will choose something different than what you like; you will twist the energy that is there, and include your happiness.

Remember the shaking exercise; you are just twisting the molecules. You are allowing everything that is not resonant with you to go and you are taking what is more resonant with your nature.

So, next time, or even this time – if you feel stuck – you can shake the situation and, of course, just observe with no point of view and wait… and usually you will be surprised with an “unexpected result”. Just be “open” and observe and you will notice a “miracle”. Follow your knowing.

Graziano Dominici

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