My rules

Dear Graziano,

Big Thank You!

As I am pretty much familiar with your work, we proceeded with the next “Master Your Space” session after the first one. I wanted to work on issues with my job. One of my comments/questions was: “I am so tired. I have no energy, no ideas… I am exhausted … what’s going on?”

You gave me some exercises, we discussed many things, and one thing you asked me to do after the session was, each time I am going to do something where I put effort or that takes more time, to stop and ask myself “Am I doing this in order to prove that I can do it?” I was a little bit confused with this because everything I was doing was something like “I have to do it” or “that is a part of my job” or “we have to meet the deadlines” or “I don’t care much about others, what they are doing, I am not competing” etc…

A few hours after the session, while I was listening to the recording, I realised the point of the question. I became aware of “a few of my system’s rules”. I even realised when they became part of one of my systems – working, learning, responsibility… when I was a kid… and that was the moment when the transformation started. In the next few weeks, practicing this, it started to be interesting for me. By doing this, I’ve started to discover “my rules” that don’t work for me anymore.

I realised that it was also about my personal priorities, thinking about them and changing them. They started to be aligned with my nature, not someone else’s.

I am not tired and I am not exhausted any more. I work less and at the same time the results are much better!!!

Thank you!
Software engineer

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