Dance Space Molecules

Our universe determines our rules, and at the same time, our rules define and create our universe. We can say that the universe is a set of spaces we are choosing. In that manner, we can acknowledge a space as a set of systems, where systems are managed by different rules.

After some time, it is not unusual, that some of the spaces we are living in don’t work for us anymore, or could it be that we just don’t like them anymore. When we notice that something does not work for us, we can transform it or choose something else.

A way to transform it is by choosing different rules. We can do it step by step. What I suggest as a step is to embrace the whole space, everything that “works” and “does not work” for us, everything we like and don’t like.

What do I mean when I say embrace? As I usually say “get the space”, I am asking you to perceive the space with all your being. Not just to rationalise, but to perceive everything that space covers: thoughts, feelings, emotions, even attitudes, judgments, convictions, everything that we consider as “positive” or “negative” and everything that we can’t cognitise but is part of the space.

Then, by adding a “pleasure” rule to the system, and at the same time taking into account the ecology of other systems, we can notice many changes in our life, work, business… We are pleasurable machines. This helps us to release any charge related to things that “don’t work” for us.

When we don’t have charge anymore, when we don’t feel tension, we are open for something new. That is a moment when we can choose something from an infinite set of choices. That is the beginning of transformation we are looking for. And, the transformation of the space is done step by step, like a dance.

It is like a dance of molecules in the space. Transformation of molecules through their interaction with the environment is reflected in the change of their own vibration, of their dance.

Dance Space Molecules (DSM) is a methodology inspired by nature. It offers a set of tools and exercises that one can use to transform the chosen space – be it work, business, health, well-being, relationship, studying…

DSM classes are designed by the participants. How? The classes are created by choosing the spaces, or we can say spaces determined by the chosen topics and the questions that come up. We work together on systems of the chosen spaces and we transform them in a pleasant way into something that is pleasant for all concerned.

Graziano Dominici